-Was RAPED along her best friend while her husband was tied up and forced to watch.
-Was diagnosed with uterine CANCER
-Had to get a DIVORCE because her husband was gay
What did she do about it all? 
-Create a television show with her ex based on their divorce and friendship that still holds strong.
-Laughs just as hard today as she has in the past.
-Fights for the rights of the gay and lesbian community
-Works for the U.S. State department for the Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues.
-Launched the ‘Cancer Shmancer’ movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women’s cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage.
-Has won the following awards: Jon Wayne’s Institute’s Woman of Achievement award, Gilda Award, City of Hope Wom of the Year award, Hebrew University Humanitarian award, Albert Einstien’s College of Medicine’s Spirit of Achievement Award, City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Award, and the ”My Aid Award” for her achievements in support of cancer prevention and rehabilitation.
-She has been cancer free for 12 years.
Now tell me she is not an AMAZING Woman.
When people say they “Hate her” because of her voice, I just want to punch them straight in their faces.
This is Fran Drescher, and she is one HELL Of a strong woman.
Anonymous asked:
have u ever made them gag and eat it because u were #sickening



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im sorry im sorry i fucked up so bad by making this

  • 2008 gaga: hello i am lady gaga i am an artist and i will not let anybody tell me who i can and can't be because i know i'm a star and i will be myself always and also i will not stand for anybody oppressing the gay community
  • 2008 everyone else: wow this girl is so weird i hate her. what a fame hungry whore
  • 2009 gaga: hello i am lady gaga i am still all those things i said last year but now i have fans and i love them i will always support my fans
  • 2009 everyone else: well that didn't work.. hmm, wow this girl is actually a man i hate that man she's so attention seeking
  • 2010 gaga: hello i am lady gaga guess what i'm gonna say the same thing as last year
  • 2010 everyone else: hm the transphobia didn't work either? well she's being too dark and also she's ugly why isn't she living to please us
  • 2011 gaga: hello i am lady gaga i still love my fans and also all those things i said last year
  • 2011 everyone else: why is she suddenly obsessed with gays all of a sudden for the first time ever? she's trying to profit off of them to be trendy this is too gay i'm uncomfortable
  • 2012 gaga: hello i am lady gaga guess what i still am saying the same thing i've been saying my whole career
  • 2012 everyone else: look at this flop being such a flop nobody even cares about her anymore let me continue to talk about her anyway though
  • 2013 gaga: hello i am lady gaga i got injured but i still will fight for my fans and art and the lgbt community too like always
  • 2013 everyone else: hmm i can't think of anything else to complain about so i'm just gonna continue saying she's a flop wow look at marry the night's sales hahaha
  • 2014 gaga: hello i am still lady gaga and i'm back and i'm still gay and an artist who loves her fans yay
  • 2014 everyone else: why is she being so pretentious and acting as if what she's doing is art all of a sudden once again for the first time ever in her entire career? by the way she's still a flop even though she's outselling all of my faves


"yeah i used to like you too"



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